Monday, March 27, 2006

Lifestraw / Hemopurifier

Hemopurifier  is like a Lifestraw, for vampires!
  1. Infected blood flows into the Hemopurifier through a tube extending from one artery.
  2. The toxin filters work like a colander, allowing small viruses through but not large red and white blood cells. The filter, which is made from a biocompatible plastic called polysulfone, is coated with special plant-derived antibodies that hold fast to the pathogens, ensuring that they don't reenter the bloodstream.
  3. Purified blood travels back into the body through a second tube inserted into another artery. The human body typically contains about five liters of blood. The entire quantity can flow through the Hemopurifier in about 12 minutes. The process is repeated until all the toxins are removed—usually within a few hours.

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I would totally use this to suck the blood from filthy paranoid hippies tripping out in their Ewok balls.

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