Thursday, March 16, 2006

New version of Killer

Recently, StreetWars gained a lot of media attention (it was also featured in one of the CSI series):
You can hunt your target down any way you see fit; you can pose as a delivery person and jack them when they open the door, disguise yourself and take them out on the street, etc.
If you are successful in your assassination attempt, the person you killed will give you their envelope and the person they were supposed to kill becomes your new target. This continues until you work yourself through all the players and retrieve the envelope with your (or your team's) picture(s) and name(s). Then you win. Cash…but first live in fear.

I've been a part of large-scale larps similar to this.. but they were over the course of a weekend and heavily GM'd.. not over three weeks.. that's just nuts.  Sounds like fun though.  Three weeks of keeping a careful eye out for anyone that's inexplicably dripping...  (water guns being the most prevelant weapon).

My fondest memory of those games was the time our team had a couple of frat guys on it, and we met an opposing team at a Starbucks to trade information / doublecross each other.  The frat guys sat at another table, reading news papers and concealing thier water guns underneath them... completely "invisible" to the other team as people Not In the Game.  Then, at our signal, they punched their squirt-guns through the papers and killed them all.  The other team was very indignant.

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