Thursday, March 09, 2006

Re: Thursday Links

Lore Sjöberg has a nifty new blog on wired:

Of course, what's the point of this mailing list if you have to LOOK through CONTENT for ENTERTAINMENT. Pshaw. That's what I'm here for! I have dutifully sucked the juicy marrow from the intarweb only to regurgitate it in your hungrily chirping maw! mini-comic. Cool format made me snort with amusement several times.

-There's an interview with Chris Livingston -- he of Concerned - the Half-Life 2 comic that you should be reading .

Body Counting

If you're at all like we are, you hear the occasional news reports about another killing spree somewhere-- a day trader here, an obsessed computer geek there, postal workers everywhere-- and you think, ehhh, this guy wasn't as good as that other whacko. But then you think about it some more and you find that it's so hard to decide who's really been doing the best work. What really makes for a good homicidal rampage?

Also of note by Dan Curtis Johnson (Crisper):
The Scorched Earth Party

His short stories on his LJ are also nifty:


So, it's been occasionally frustrating this week... which leads naturally to the question:

How to destroy the Earth?

An exhaustive list of possibilites, with plausability / difficulty analysis for each one.

-Ben And Jerry's has added to their line of ice creams named after people and groups with Vermonty Python.

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