Thursday, March 23, 2006

We've hit the squid jackpot today!

Giant squid-sicle on display at Melbourne aquarium
Melbourne Aquarium
Make haste! Get thee to the Melbourne aquarium in Australia! Only three more days left to see the world's most ginormous frozen squid!

The 250-kilogram creature, caught by commercial fishermen off New Zealand's South Island earlier this year, has cost the aquarium more than $100,000, which included purchasing and transporting the squid. The bill also included displaying the squid in a purpose-built 3½-tonne block of ice.

Link to item on the world's first all-squid, all-the-time SquidBlog!

Squidblog ( pretty awesome too.
It's makin' me tear up!
Cephalopodcast !!!

Welcome Squid Overlords Oh great. Now they are angry.

Go! Go to!!

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