Sunday, March 26, 2006


Stuff I missed sending Thursday:
This guy's stuff is AMAZING. I wanna see the movies...
Stephen Berkman's photography
 Ambrotypes Images 17Frommemory6 BB pal Alan Rapp just blew my mind with a link to the work of incredible photographer and installation artist Stephen Berkman. His subject matter, composition, and use of archaic processes results in deeply spooky, dreamy, and wonderful works.
This makes me stupid happy.
The guy who did that horribly addictive java toy World of Sand  keeps working to improve it...
Here's another slightly tweaked iteration of it:
We've all been in this situation before – the meeting's in 5 minutes, and your boss asked you to find a statistic online to prove a point. Like that the tobacco consumption in Brazil is decreasing, or that most seniors prefer cats to dogs. Whatever it is, we're now here to help you create valid-looking statistics in an instant!

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