Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday is Nipples on a Fish Woman Day!

Cthulhugrrl wrote:
This is from the Wired Game Blog, and it amused me:
Topless in Oblivion: The Video
Topic: PC Gaming
Most sites just talked about the mod for Oblivion that renders the female characters topless. GameVideos went out and did something about it, damn it.

Click here (mild adult content, sort of, really it's just a few polygonal nipples) to experience the effects of the mod for yourself. Really, it's, uh... vaguely disturbing. Moreso than it is erotic. Unless you're really into checking out the nipples on a fish woman. Or enjoy seeing a half-naked woman rampage through a city beating people with what seems to be a wooden club.

So actually it's probably very erotic for some people.
Chris: Everyone knows that nipples + fishwomen = crazy delicious!

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