Friday, April 07, 2006

McDonalds Partners In Illegal Rainforest Devastation

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The chicken they sell is fed on soya grown in areas of the Amazon that have been illegally cleared. This means that every time you buy a Chicken McNugget, you're taking a bite out of the Amazon.

Ok, not especially surprising or profound.. McDonalds, destroying the rainforest.. as any coniseur of fine veal would tell you, suffering = tasty. Greenpeace apparently had fun making an extensive flash animation detailing this.

wish I could see it. Damn Flash 8.

-Tangentially, a GIS for McNugget comes up with some.. strange results:

It's the anatomical diagrams of Mcnugeta Repulsiva, the genetically engineered organism that McDonalds uses for the meat of its "McNuggets"

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