Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Monday (Well, Tuesday... curse you blogger!) Links of Patriotism

The Bradford Exchange is a company manufacturing collectibles that take patriotic clichés to the most horrifying of conclusions: a hellish Dante-esque nightmare realm of eagles gnawing at your eyes and American flags coiling around your soul, raping and pillaging all that you are in a cataclysmic miasma of suffering. Every product they make is a hyperbolic enema of patriotism and Americana gone wrong. In the hands of the Bradford Exchange, the American spirit becomes a chainsaw-wielding killer rampaging across the landscape spreading terror in the form of the most repulsive art ever conceived by mortal men. And they make good money doing it.
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Wolves & Eagle: Bros Before Hos
In this glorious sculpture entitled "Sovereign Spirits," we see the triumphant Eagle, a beloved symbol of America, spreading its mighty wings. But what's this? Inside those wings rests a beautiful painting of wolves, a beloved symbol of capitalism and distant non-evolutionary cousin to the eagle! This one sculpture alone is so powerfully stupid that it is like a black hole sucking the entire concept of art into an all-consuming singularity, where it ceases to be. Gazing at this is to gaze at the end of human creativity, watching it die every second your eyes give it sanctuary.

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Norwood Matt said...

I own one. It's proudly displayed in the rumpus room. (BTW, I put the rump in rumpus room).