Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Re: Wednesday is Atrocity day!

And now for the daily dose of stupid:
Via Paul Riddell and the Esoteric Science Resource Center
"[info] finn2 passed on the interesting story of University of Texas professor Eric Pianka, who's apparently in a heap of trouble for being a bit strident. Apparently Professor Pianka is more than a bit forceful about the threat of various bacterial and viral apocalypses, which irritated one Forrest M. Mims III, the walking cliche of the computer programmer and engineer who reaches for "intelligent design" because the real world should make the same amount of sense as a piece of computer hardware. Anyway, Mr. Mims seems to think that Prof Pianka is trying to instigate the development of bioweapons, so he tattled to William Dembski, one of the dim bulbs shining lights of the ID movement. Apparently Mr. Dembski takes umbrage at strident commentary about viruses, because he decided to sic the Department of Homeland Security on Prof Pianka. Don't you just love it when Cat Piss Men get delusions of their own importance?"
I find I can't actually read too much of this without repeated, consecutive  face-palms obscuring my view of the monitor.  Pharyngula has been following this fairly closely on his blog, and has some excellent discussion and insights.

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