Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Re: Wednesday is Atrocity day!

The bottom picture in this set really creeps me out.

Ganked from:

The Fragonard Museum

Body plastinator Gunther von Hagens has been receiving all the attention these days, while the collection of his 18th-century forebearer, the visionary French anatomist HonorĂ© Fragonard, languishes in a second-floor museum on the grounds of a veterinary school on the outskirts of Paris. The Fragonard Museum is one of our favorites in the world — and is certainly underappreciated by most Paris guidebooks. Like von Hagens, Fragonard saw in the dead body an opportunity for the most haunting artistic expression. The work above is titled "The Man with a Mandible." Below is "Horseman of the Apocalpyse" and "Human Foetuses Dancing a Jig." All were completed between 1766 and 1771.

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