Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday's sanity ablation brought to you by: Japan

BoingBoing had an article on a blog devoted to the insanity of japanese television:
This has prompted me to do a roundup of various japanese video segments that scarred and amused me in the past, now available on youtube and google video.
First, the Japanese commercial for Anabuki Construction (warning, sanity loss, sfw). The name is similar to the translated name of "Little Red Riding Hood" in Japanese, so they've got her along with other forest creatures, including the TANUKI, Magical Racoon-like Dog with Shape-Shifting Powers (and giant lucky testicles).
Then there's the segments from a music/entertainmenment show. All the girls in these videos are in one girl band, with a bunch of members, called morning musume .  
Meat Hat + Monitor Lizard = Traumatized Japanese girls
"The Ring" + Live actor in Samara costume = screaming, hysterical Japanese girls, which seems to be the running theme. 
Then, there's the classic Matrix Pingpong segment from a Japanese variety show, Kasou Taishou

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