Sunday, June 11, 2006

Jonathan Coulton

My wife and I have a new favorite musician, Jonathan Coulton (seen here in some sort of Mexican standoff with a Stormtrooper at E3). It's as if he takes cross sections of our brains and then turns it into really frickin' good music. Our friend Jayhova turned us on to his magnificent mad science love ballad, Skullcrusher Mountain. Then I realized I'd actually heard of his music before... I Crush Everything, a love song from the perspective of a giant squid, was blogged by in March. He's also the musical acompaniment to John Hodgman's 700 Hobo Names project ( flickr set). He's also the Contributing Troubadour for Popular Science Magazine. He recently wrote a five-song soundtrack to go with their September 2005 issue on The Future of the Body. Though completly unfounded, I'm also fairly certain he knows kung-fu, and could beat up Chuck Norris.

His music is smart, hysterically funny, and just damn good.

Listen to his songs online HERE and give him money.
His website:
He's also on Myspace HERE, if you're into that sort of thing.

Our current favorite of his is Re Your Brains.

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