Thursday, June 15, 2006

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Joining the ranks of Old Yeller Dog Chow, is this product:
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One of the finest animated movies ever made is the Japanese film HOTARU NO HAKA - or GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES, a horrifically beautiful movie about two Japanese children orphaned by the war who struggle for survival with no food in a society turned savage. Based on a true story, it is a struggle they do not win, as the opening scene reveals. Beautiful, lyrical, grim yet unsentimental — no one human can watch this film without weeping.

At one point the starving children have a can of fruit drops that they desperately cling to. When they finish the candies, they fill the tin with rainwater and drink the juice. Well, it seems Glico made a commemorative tin full of delicious candy to tie in with this film...because everyone wants a candy treat that says "my little sister just starved to death because war is hell and humans are cruel."

Even better, at the beginning of the movie we see that the tin was used to hold the little girl's cremated remains. Yum!

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