Thursday, June 22, 2006

Links: 6.22.06: Art: Nudibranches, Useful thiings

From LA-based duo Kozyndan
What: It is, we think, our interpretation of a most basic of platitudes: "Love can change the world!" Although in this case, it is the new found love is between two giant land-locked magical sea slugs, out on their first date in the streets of Soho. Everywhere they go the world becomes more vibrant, more alive. Some people notice the change, and some do not, but we are all in some way affected.
Also, some useful little web applications I've found recently:  
  • Fake Name Generator: Randomly generates all the pertinent, completely ficticious identity information you could ask for. Good for ideas for character names, database testing, etc. (via BoingBoing)
  • WhatIsThatFile - very fast identification of files and system processes.  Good for troubleshooting task manager.
  • Rendr is a live CSS and HTML rendering tool. It displays what the page would look like as you type, making it great for rapid testing of page designs. Loads in Firefox only.



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