Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Links: 6.7.06: Giblets of Glee

Lots of stuff today, left over from  me being lazy yesterday:
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Kawaiinot finally has its own website.  I find these little comics amusing, but on the other hand, there's something profoundly wrong with me... but on the gripping hand I'm sure you all knew that anyway.
 is a great steaming pile of Web 2.0, whatever the hell that means.  Basically you can set up your own "Lens" with a wide variety of content, and theoretically make money off it as well if anyone buys something from Amazon or wherever linking from your lens.  I don't know what I think of it yet, but here's what I was able to do with it after about 10 minuites work.
Bad Gods is Lore Sjöberg's new project: Tiny little flash animations. Lore is one of my favorite writers on the internet, and if you managed to miss his previous flash animations on  BrunchingShuttlecocks, they're archived at Bandwidth Theatre
Lore is also found here (his shiny internets blog), and here.

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