Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Links: Back from Vacation

Whee!  Back to my daily 8 hours on the internet and the infinite joys of dialup technical support.  And let me tell you, the joys today. They have no limit.  Mmm. Happy Mornings .
Right.  So having caught up on the webcomics I've missed during the last week, we're back to the daily routine of using my head as the lint-trap of the internet.  And ooh... nestled in the soft bed of pinkish-brown fluff, we have...  a new serialized SF novel from Daniel Pinkwater that promises to be entertaining.  Yeah, I'm going through last week's worth of shiny, but I'll get to the fresher stuff by the end of the day, I promise.
[click picture for sample of comic]
Oh, Warren Ellis' recent comic Nextwave: Agents Of H.A.T.E is out in its first trade paperback.  This comic is one of my new favorite things.  Ellis describes the series thus: "I took The Authority and I stripped out all the plots, logic, character and sanity.  It's an absolute distillation of the superhero genre. No plot lines, characters, emotions, nothing whatsoever. It's people posing in the street for no good reason. It is people getting kicked, and then exploding. It is a pure comic book, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. And afterwards, they will explode."
Gah, I just found out there's a theme song for it off the Marvel Nextwave page.  Haven't listened to it yet, but it will probably be full of stark, genital-waving lunacy.

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Norwood Matt said...

This is full out perfection as is your description. "Genital-waving lunacy" indeed.

Thanks for the info!