Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Re: Links: 7.25.06

File under: Tomorrow's problems today
The lovely magazine Mental Floss has a blog that's fairly decent.  There's an interesting article over there about the vigorous discussion going on in the vegetarian community about the ethics of vat-grown meat.  Heck, I'm all for it.  My mind reels with the culinary possibilities... Tandoori Chicken marinated for the entirity of its unnatural life, or heck, screw Turducken, with this technology we can have tasty layers of as many animals as we can imagine.  Mmm.. neopolitan steak!
Of course, we need to take this to its logical conclusions.  Some groups have hypothesized that it would be possible to clone Jesus Christ from flakes of blood from the Shroud of Turin or some other source.  Now, aside from the possibility of bringing about the apocalypse, this has other potential uses as well.  Tasty uses.
Imagine twitching electrified vats of reincarnated saviour flesh, ripening to the proper tone and flavor!  Why settle for flavorless communion wafers when you can have genuine Jesus Jerky (wow, I'm surprised that googling that phrase produced such a rich vein of heresy)!
It certainally trumps my previous idea of making a Jesus Bread-Golem.

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