Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Screw-On-Head, Brass Goggles blog has an animated pilot  The Amazing Screw-On Head available for viewing online.  Looks very steampunk, very cool. It's based off the comic of the same name by Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy. I actually picked up a copy of it a while back and found it thoroughly enjoyable. From the website:

In this hilarious send-up of Lovecraftian horror and steampunk adventure, President Abraham Lincoln's top spy is a bodyless head known only as Screw-On Head.

When arch-fiend Emperor Zombie steals an artifact that will enable him to threaten all life on Earth, the task of stopping him is assigned to Screw-on Head. Fortunately, Screw-On Head is not alone on this perilous quest. He is aided by his multitalented manservant, Mr. Groin, and by his talking canine cohort, Mr. Dog.
Of course, viewing the video requires the latest version of Flash.
This was found via the delightful steampunk blog, Brass Goggles, which is definitely worth a look.  Of recent interest: Steampunk Transformers, and  The Steampunk Lego Flikr Pool


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