Saturday, August 26, 2006

I'm trying out a firefox plugin, Trailfire, which allows user comment on any website, with directional arrows in the comment to take you to along a particular "trail" of links. It's an interesting enough concept, though it's still in beta. My page is here.

Of course, it bears experimentation to see if this will result in a massive clutter of trailfire comments on pages I like... and it assumes that other people's commentary / trails are interesting and not just links to spam or (wikipedia link, sfw) like websites... though the potential for hilarity there is rather high. Oh look, puppies! Kittens! Rectu...ogodmyeyes! Yes, I can definitely see the opportunity for a drunken web-crawl of horror and insanity through this tool... though the example I have on The Shiny List is a fairly banal tour of webcomics and cephalopod sites. Oh well... that will have to be a project for a later date.

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