Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rikki: The Ham Chamber

I recently found Jhonen Vasquez's Livejournal [Nonsense], and within it, this hysterical gem of an IM converstion, which has apparently sparked a sizeable flickr set of inspired artwork. I will be posting my own contribution shortly. Anyway, this had me clutching my guts with laughter, so READ!!

A snippet:

0:31:52 Aaron A.: Hmm. Rikki said Screw On Head was coming on right now, but I don't see it. I think he is on acid.

0:32:19 Jhnen V: rikki is generally drunk.

0:32:58 Jhnen V: on ham.

0:33:10 Jhnen V: christmas hams from several seasons back.

0:33:12 Aaron A.: It's sick, isn't it. Ham drunks.

0:33:28 Aaron A.: He just tears the top off and guzzles the liquefied innards.

0:33:36 Jhnen V: he ages them in barrels he buries under his yard.

0:34:13 Jhnen V: then, when it rains, he burrows, naked, into the mud and brings up his rotting booty.

0:34:27 Aaron A.: Giggling the whole time. Full of pig-glee.

And it goes on...

I adore Jhonen Vasquez, not only for his comics and for Invader Zim, but also because in every interview I've seen, he seems to speak with this unfettered imp of the perverse, just taking whatever fantastical bullshit that comes into his head and sprinting with it. I admire that.

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