Monday, February 19, 2007

They want it Oaky?

Over in the Wired Science blog, Adam Rogers has a fascinating little essay about booze, wine, whiskey, and the ways and means of making scotch taste like expensive filth and brine. I found myself completely fascinated. Of course, they had me from this quote:

"StaVin apparently sells barrel staves, toasted, that you can hang from
the sides of the keg. More exposed end-grain = more oak flavor. StaVin
also sells chopped-up staves in what looked from the slide to be big
teabags made of filter paper, and even more finely-chopped oak.
Presumably that’s for when your vitner, made insane by the trend for
oaky California chardonnays, starts mumbling things like “They want it
oaky? Oaky? I’ll show them oaky, by God!” And then he laughs that scary
laugh of his."

It made me giggle.

And it seems I now have a tiny bit of time to blog in the evenings. The Performancing plugin for firefox makes it even more stupidly easy than my previous cludge of hammering my content into gmail and sending it to the blog's auto-post email address. Thus mr linky at the bottom of the post.

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