Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bluefooted on Deviant Art


I've found a new favorite artist: Bluefooted over at Deviant Art


I mean heck, look at this: steampunkish flying construct, goggles, leather, exposed wires and patches... Going through this artist's gallery is completely entrancing and makes me painfully jealous at her ability and imagination.  Hell yeah.

As an enthusiastic (if not yet, you know, skilled) watercolor hobbyist, I also appreciate how she breaks down her work over at a sketchbook thread she setup on, which is an awesome website in and of itself.  Lots of useful links and tutorials on how to make watercolor effects in photoshop by layering textures. 

Anyway, I *love* pretty much everything I've seen by this artist, with crisp line-work, vividly imagined characters, and a flair for the mottled textures and color blending of watercolor (even when it's just replicated through photoshop)... and, you know, the tentacles:


Only things she lacks (or that I wasn't able to find) was a website of her own to buy her stuff directly. 

Did I mention that I *really* want to be able to draw like this?

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