Monday, January 21, 2008




Bear: Oh, I've thought of that one

me: baked!

Bear: No, I just meant I have thought of buying it.

me: oh, ok

thought you'd thought of the idea before

Bear: It's kinda suprising that I didn't think of the idea of it - I remember the wifidetector ring and being impressed with Jay Lee's noise-activated graphic equalizer tesshirt based on the same principals.

me: Yeah, I just sent it over to Jay Lee

Bear: No, I've only thought of one idea that ended up being commercialized by someone I didn't know.

me: clap-activated erectile dysfunction implant?

Bear: No, that hasn't been commercialized yet

And you invented that.

me: oh, that's right

Bear: Ack, can't reach halfbakery to supply the link.

I pre-conceived the whole "bottle of mud" thing for SUV's and 4x4's


me: lovely

Bear: Ok, for extra points - what xkcd moment does this webpage invoke?

me: instead of a plastic ball-room you want a room filled to the brim with vintage arcade-cupcakes?

Bear: snort No, I meant "What kind of thing did the page inspire in me that would be just like something the xkcd writer would say?"

me: as distance to vintage arcade cupcakes decreases, inanity of commentary increases to singularity?


Bear: [01:37] mycroftxxx42: My reactions (in order): 1) Ooh, cupcakes. PACMAN!
[01:38] mycroftxxx42: 2) These are well done.
[01:38] I Am Xtra Medium: Haha, yeah. I thought that, too.
[01:38] mycroftxxx42: 3) I wonder if there's a complete tileset so that one could construct the various gameboards.

me: :)  I was close!

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