Saturday, January 19, 2008

Testing Hulu embed feature


So I'm trying out the beta of Hulu, which is an ad-supported video site that has a bunch of full episodes of current TV Shows, clips of others, and a few movies as well.  Looks pretty nifty, not sure how all of t works yet.  But..

They apparently have all of Firefly available, and as you can see above, the ability to embed whatever into a website.

Also, there's a neat feature to make a custom clip from a show to embed, like so:



The selection is not quite down to the second, which would be really nice, it's within 15 seconds of where you want it to be.. Needs a little polishing, that's why it's in beta.

On the whole, it looks pretty neat though, and seems a viable way to pipe advertising to video consumers. 

The way I see it, the only thing preventing people from slurping what they want from torrents or limewire or whatever is the Fuck-it Factor.  If the content providers can make it easier to watch what we want with minimal interruption for advertising than it is to download a p2p client, find the torrent and then wait however long to get video of variable quality and formats, then pow, they've made a good business model.

So Hulu looks like a good start... it seems that most of the shows are in the transitional period from airing to dvd release, which makes sense, even if it means I can only see season 4 of the office and one episode of season 3.  Whatever.  It's worth a look.

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