Saturday, January 05, 2008

Grim Meathook Future Workout!

Grim Meathook Future Workout
Over at, Nina Bargiel (blogger and striking WGA member) has put together something very promising.

The premise is this: Come the zombie apocalypse (or other catastrophic disaster of your choice), do you actually have any skills to survive, or are you just zombie fodder?

Nina's conclusion was that she was destined to become zombie food, and that for the new year, she was going to explore what she could do to make herself a bit more fit for survival. And so she's making a list of useful skills that one might need like welding, loading shotguns, firemaking, and other survive off the grid type things that might come in useful, and she's going to work on training herself up, with the blog so we can follow along at home.

I think that's fabulous. Being a pasty, flabby geek that was emotionally scarred by the outdoors as a small child, my goals in life have primarily included indoor work with no heavy lifting. Though I used to fence with my local chapter of Celti-Dorks, I am by no means in shape or "fit," though I would dearly like to be. I've got a baby due in August, and that means toddler wranglin'! If that weren't enough motivation, thinking about the zombie apocalypse and the fact that if I ever have to run for my life I will die is a sufficient goad to get my ass in gear. Once, you know, it's not bitch-ass cold outside.

I want to see where this goes, and I will be playing the home game.

BTW: reference Grim Meathook Future via Joshua Ellis

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