Thursday, June 05, 2008

So I got a response...

So I got a response from John Colberson that just made my evening:
"I reallly appreciate your thoughtful blog - I showed it to a few friends on the House floor to urge them to start using the same technology, I reminded them how committed we must be to shine sunlight in all the dark corners of government - I will keep working on them"

I also got a response from one of his people:

Congressman John Culberson of Texas is truly excited about Twitter and Qik. In following his hero Thomas Jefferson, he is a Jeffersonian that is passionate about empowering individuals, especially when it comes to giving them direct access to their government and elected officials. There is a memorable, perhaps historic, tweet that he wrote just this morning: "Sunshine is a great disinfectant and I can take you into every corner of Congress with my Nokia 95 and Qik. Should be interesting."

Houston, TX

Thanks Joseph! I appreciate you pointing out the fact that John is a Jeffersonian republican. However, I just got around to doing my homework, and the clearest picture of John's stance on various issues came from which provides a very comprehensive voting record of John (and on just about every politician) on various issues. His profile is here: John Culberson: On the Issues

What I deduce from this is that he is pro-business, pro-life, very socially conservative (anti same-sex partnerships, not so great on protecting civil rights)... well, down the list it comes out as pretty party-line GOP. Heck, he voted NO on the net neutrality bill. As a socially liberal democrat with slight libertarian leanings, I did not find much to agree with regarding his voting record.

But you know what? I didn't even know who my representative was until yesterday, and today I've got a direct line to a real live human being that's representing me in government, so I can let him know if I disagree with him, and why, and he can fill us in on what he's voting for, what's going on in Washington and heck, what he had for lunch if he likes. And that's awesome.

So in short, I can deal with disagreeing with his politics, while wholly supporting the way he is going about doing his politics.

I feel like our current administration takes the position that, since they're the ones in power, they owe nothing to the American people as regards to what, why or how they are doing their jobs. I believe that this cavalier attitude will have a tremendous backlash in the very near future, and that one of the best ways to accomplish this is to bring the attention and voice of the constituents back into the process. This is why the application of new technology to bring about transparency, accessibility and accountability to our government is tremendously exciting to me.

Thanks again for your response,
Chris Glenn

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grvaughan said...

Yeah, it's really different to feel like you can actually connect with someone in government these days. We forget that's how it's SUPPOSED TO WORK here in the U.S.A.

I was reading Davy Crockett's autobiography a few years ago (most people don't realize he was a congressman). Nowadays we idolize him because of the Alamo, but back in those days he got an earful from constituents when he went back to Tennessee!

If politicians are smart, they'll jump all over Twitter, it's a great technology for busy folks like them.

I bet if we could all just talk TO each other, rather than AT each other, we'd find a lot of issues that we actually can agree on.