Thursday, June 12, 2008

Web 2.0 experimentation day:

So today I saw a tweet by @ericaogrady (social networking professional, blogs here, also responsible for assisting House Representative for my district John Cublerson with twitter, live web townhall meetings, etc) about something called Utterz, which linked to an audio clip apparently recorded from her phone and posted to her utterz page.

I've been interested in squeezing every ounce of functionality out of my somewhat underwhelming Verizon phone (because twitter's just not enough, damnit!), so I did a little digging.

I can now blog MMS (Pictures and video messaging) and audio from my phone, which is pretty sweet.

Here's what does:

You can record voice by calling their number (712-432-6666), and send picture or video messages from your phone to Within 10 minutes of the first post, you can recall it, add more pictures or video or whatever, and it then gets lumped together and posted to whatever blogs you desire, or multiple blogs if you wish.

This can also be done from the utterz website, uploading moderately large sized pictures, video and audio files, however you want to get them there. In my previous test, I uploaded an mp3 file (Wolf Parade, Shine a Light), which it looks like can also be downloaded directly from a link in the post, which is a nifty feature, even if it potentially invites a DMCA takedown notice if it starts getting used extensively for filesharing.

Reading through the FAQ, it looks like it's also possible to sign up by simply sending a text to with the formatting:
u.join [10 digit mobile number] [desired username]

Looks like it also has the ability to automatically post to about a dozen different services, and well-designed site widgets for displaying your posts as well.

So yeah, in about 5 minutes I got the ability to blog from my phone.

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