Saturday, July 12, 2008

now in 3d!!1!1

So today I took the kids to watch Journey to The Center of the Earth with the kids, which isn't so much a movie as it is a theme-park ride on the big screen. We managed to miss the last 3D showing, but from the number of things wagging into the foreground and rocketing at the screen, it's obvious that this is the only place this movie would really shine. Introduce a character wielding a tape measure, and sure enough, there it is extended into the foreground making my eyes cross and vaugely anticipating some sort of horrible hardware related money shot. Yo-yo? Check, plunging towards the viewer no less than a dozen times. And it just goes on.

Really, the only justification for the CG being this mediocre is the fact that it's done for the novelty factor of being in 3D. So disconnect your brain and catch one of the 3d showings, because without that, it's really not worth seeing.

Brendan Fraser, being a geologist, does make the first use of the word "schist" as a horrible low-brow geological pun that I, the child of geologists found irrationally funny.

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