Monday, August 24, 2009

from my phone

i think i may not be stimulated enough by my job. That, or my drawing skills are getting dramatically better. can't tell which.

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Elizabeth McClung said...

I like it - but then, I used to go to sleep as a child under anubus and other egyptian gods, which this reminds me of - I just can't place it - not Semet, - purple is great too. When you 'doodle' on paper, you actually make something - I play hangman with myself, and often lose!

Xtopher42 said...

Thanks Elizabeth! It really does have a sort of Egyptian god feel to it, doesn't it?

My art tends to gravitate towards gods or mythic figures, but it always seem like they stem from some sort of alternate reality that resides in my skull.

I've got a bunch more stuff on my Flickr Page if you're interested in seeing my other art.

Thanks for the comment!